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Consultancy Services
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Consultancy Services

IPA is a full fledged professional body, render Consultancy services on variety of subjects related to Port Development, improvement of Operational Efficiency and various issues directly involved in the overall Port Management, such as -

  • Master Plan & Perspective Plans for Major Ports.

  • Techno-economic Feasibility Studies
  • Addition/Upgradation of Port Facilities
  • Development of Greenfield Ports
  • Appraisal of Port Projects
  • National Level Studies related to various Port Organisational Re-structuring

 Details of studies which have already received wide acclamation for their quality and presentation are :


New Mangalore Port  1986-2001
Tuticorin Port 1986-2000
Madras Port 1986-2001
Kandla Port 1991-2006
Paradip Port 1991-2002
Visakhapatnam Port 1990-2005



  1. Traffic survey for preparation of Master Plan of Port Louis, Mauritius (1989-90). (Joint Venture study with Consulting   Engineering Services)

  2. Construction of Fishing Harbour at Paradip (1990)

  3. Construction of Multipurpose Berth at Paradip (19990)

  4. Construction of Multipurpose Berth at Visakhapatnam (1992)

  5. Designing and supervision work for Upgradation of Mechanical Ore Handling plant at Mormugao (1993)

  6. Construction of Fourth Oil jetty at Kandla (1993)

  7. Navigational aid for Night Pilotage at Tuticorin Harbour (1994)

  8. Replacement of Electric Wharf Crane at Kandla (1994)

  9.    Cost Benefit Analysis of deepening of Tuticorin Harbour (1994)

  10.   Construction of Ninth cargo Berth at Kandla (1994)

  11.   Construction of Lay up Berth at Kandla (1995)

  12.   Development of Slipway facilities for Repair of port craft at Kandla (1995)

  13.   Setting up of Container Freight Station at Kandla (1997)

  14. Revamping/Reconditioning of eight Electric Wharf Crane of Mukand and WMI makes at Kandla (1997)

  15.   Development of Port facilities for Barge Handling at Tuna Bunder near Kandla Port (1998)

  16.   Development of Ship Repair facilities at Kandla (1998)

  17.   Development of Barge Handling facilities at Bunder Basin of Kandla Port (1999)

  18.   Construction of multipurpose berth in the Western Arm of Inner Harbour at Visakhapatnam Port (Nov., 2000)


  1. Construction of Satellite Harbour at Gangavaram, Andhra Pradesh (1994)

  2. Supplementary study on Gangavaram Port Project  (1996)

  3.   Development of Port Facilities at Vadinar, Gujarat (1996)

  4.   Development of Port Facilities at Vansi Borsi, Gujarat (1996)
       - Joint Venture study with M/s STUP Consultants of Bombay and De Wager of Netherlands.
  5. Revised Report on Development of Port Facilities at Vadinar (1997)


  1. M/s Adani Port's proposal for setting up of a New port at Navinal Island (near Mundra) in Gujarat { for Industrial Finance Corporation of India  (1996)}

  2. M/s Bengal  Port's proposal for Development of New port, other ancillary facilities and industrial complex at Kulpi ( near Diamond Harbour ) in West Bengal { for West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure development Corporation (1996) }


  1. Physical and Financial Impact of Voluntary retirement scheme at Calcutta Port (1993)

  2. Revival of M/s Hoogly Dock and Port Engineers Ltd. (1993)

  3. Restructuring of Calcutta dock System (1993)

  4.   Techno-economic feasibility study for Condemnation of dredger "Kutch Vallabh" of Kandla Port (1994)

  5.   Valuation of Land and Building structures of Calcutta Port at Haldia (1997)

  6.   Prespective Plan for Paradip Port : 1995-2012 (1997)

  7.   Updating the Master Plan of Paradip Port (1997)

  8.   Report on Calcutta Port Railway System (1998)

  9.   Crude Oil Transportation to Haldia - an Alternative System (1998)

  10.   Reduction of Electricity charges for Haldia Dock Complex by improvement of Power Factor using Harmonic Analyzer (2000)

  11. Restructuring of Mechanical Engineering Department of Calcutta Port Trust (2000)

  12.   Selection of type and size of Electric Level Heavy Duty Wharf Cranes to be installed at Jetties I to V Kandla Port including preparation of tender documents (2000)

  13.   Preparation of Bid Document for dredging and shore disposal in the Balari Region and Trimming of the Western Edge of Nayacghara Island along the Navigation Channel opposite Haldia Dock Complex under River Regulatory Scheme in the Hooghly Estuary of Calcutta port Trust (2000)

  14.   Study on revamping and upgradation of Visakhapatnam Port Railways System (Oct., 2000)

  15.   Study for installation of Foam System at LPG Jetty in the Outer Harbour of Visakhapatnam Port including preparation of tender documents (2000)

  16.   Pre-feasibility study for installation of SBM facility at Visakhapatnam Port for handling Crude Oil (April, 2000)

  17.   Feasibility study for installation of Floating Storage Facilities at Sandheads in Bay of Bengal for Handling Crude Oil of IOCL Refineries (May, 2001)


  1. Standardisation of Floating Craft, Plant Equipment in Indian Ports (1976)

  2. National Transport Policy Committee report (1980)

  3. Operational norms for Evaluation & Monitoring Port Performance (1981)

  4. Simplification & Rationalisation of Port Procedures, Tariff Structure, Documentation and Clearance of Cargo (1984)

  5. Standardisation of Fire Fighting Equipment in Major Ports (1985)

  6. Major Ports Reforms Committee Study (1986)

  7. Norms for Acts of Pilotage and the Payment for Extra acts of Pliotage (1988)

  8. Standardisation of Floating Craft (1988)

  9. In depth Examination of Capacity Utilisation in Indian Ports (1991

  10. Land Management Policy of Major Ports (1991)

  11. Impact of Productivity Linked Bonus on Port Productivity (1994)

  12. Status of Major Ports of India (1995)

  13. Computerisation at Major Ports (1995)

  14. Improvement of Efficiency of the Ports (1995)

  15. Enhancement of delegation of Powers to Boards and the Officers of the Major Ports (1995)

  16. Evaluation of Requirement of Dredging at Indian Major Ports vis-a-vis capacity of Dredging Corporation of India (1995)

  17. In-House Training of Pilots (1996)

  18. Life norms and Disposal procedure of Plant and Equipment (1998)

  19. Levy of Cess on Cargo passing through Major Ports (1998). 

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